Vimal Dairy offers a wide range of Dairy Products in the States of Gujarat & Rajasthan along with Mumbai and many other territories with multiple product range in multiple packs across forms including Milk, Buttermilk, Curd, Buffalo Pure Desi Ghee, Cow Pure Ghee, Butter, White Cooking Butter, Cheese, Pizza Cheese, Mayonnaise, Fresh Paneer, Malai Paneer, Shrikhand, Matho, Flavoured Milk, Dairy whitener, Skimmed Milk and many other dairy products.

Vimal Ice Cream offers a wide range of products in the States of Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra in 45+ distinct Flavours and Packs across forms including Cones, Candies, Bars, Dollies, Small cups, Big cups, Combo packs, Royale Premium packs, Ice Cream Cakes, Novelties, Cassata & Bulk packs.

Vimal has presence in all formats of trades through its Distributors, Dealer network and Company owned outlets.

We also cater our dairy products to India’s leading food & ice cream companies along with top QSR Brands.